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02 Oct Choosing the correct WordPress Theme

Selecting a WordPress theme is a very important part of your website setup. There are thousands of options available, so
it’s easy to get confused as to which one you should go with.

What to look at:


See how much support you get after purchasing a theme. Some developers offer six months, or one year support after
theme purchase which enables you to get in touch with them when you run into a bug within the theme. Having the
ability to report and fix bugs is very important, otherwise you can get stuck when some functionality is broken,
and you cannot move forward with your website design.


See how often the developers update the theme, and make sure you have access to the updated files. WordPress gets
updated on a regular basis, and at times the core files of a theme needs to accommodate some changes to the CMS.
If the theme is not kept up to date it might lose some functionality or it might leave your website open to hacks
or spam bots.


Have a good look at what other users of the theme think about the it. What are their complaints and are they being
assisted by the theme developers. If you find that the overall experience of the users of the theme is not
good…then don’t consider buying, you might have that same experience.


How compatible is the theme with some common plugins. If you are looking to use a specific plugin you need to make
sure that the theme can work with it. Let’s take WooCommerce for example…if you are looking to create an online
store and plan on using WooCommerce, you need to make sure that the theme can handle it.


How customizable is the theme? Make sure that you have the ability to customize elements of the theme, like page
layouts, colours, header types, footer columns, and sidebars, just to name a few. You might not use all the
features within the initial setup, but it will be important when your site grows.

The main thing is to do as much research as possible before buying a theme, as it can be a massive headache when
you are halfway through designing your site when you realize you bought the wrong theme.

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