Why WooCommerce?

The first question to ask is…why not?

WooCommerce has grown to be one of the most popular plugins when it comes to setting up an eCommerce website, more commonly known as an online shop.

The platform caters for just about any type of online shop, whether it’s a service, physical, or digital product. The core functionality is very stable and a massive community of developers release and update plugins on a weekly basis to ensure the required functionality can be plugged in and used in no time. Anything from payment gateways, to membership plugins, it’s ready to be used, and best of all, it works out of the box!

WooCommerce is so loved that it powers a staggering 30%+ of all active eCommerce sites, all thanks to the usability and diversity of the platform. What we know by reading statistics like this is that WordPress and WooCommerce is not going belly-up in a hurry, so we can feel comfortable knowing that our eCommerce websites will be supported and updated without having to jump over to a new platform.

We love WooCoomerce just about as much as we love WordPress.

The screenshots below will give you an idea of what the WordPress CMS and WooCommerce backend looks like.

WooCommerce powers a staggering 30%+ of all active eCommerce sites

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