WordPress E-Commerce

Building an online store can be a daunting task. But with our WordPress E-Commerce workshop you’ll find it much simpler, we take you through the entire process of getting your store online, from the WordPress and Woocommerce installation, to configuring your payment gateway. As with our WordPress Extended workshop you start with a blank page and leave with your fully functional e-commerce website, ready to sell your products or services.

Total Design Freedom
You will add your own content and products as well as choose which plugins and functionality your site will offer your visitors. We do, however, guide you through the entire process and provide solid guidelines in sessions, like our Design & Layout, User Experience, and SEO best practise “frames”, which you can use to ensure your site not only functions well, but is usable and can convert visitors into clients.

All WordPress and WooCommerce elements and topics are explained in depth and tested thoroughly before being implemented.

When your e-commerce website is completed at the end of the workshop, you will have the skills and knowledge to manage and grow your store without needing ongoing assistance from a web designer or developer.

Anyone can register for this workshop. No design or coding experience is required. Get your products or service online quickly and effectively…

Main Features


  • Website Design

    • 5 day workshop – 1 day per week
    • Domain and Hosting setup
    • Custom Page Layouts
    • Feature Sliders
    • Plugin Setups
    • Sidebar Widgets
    • Lead Capture Forms
    • UX Design
    • Content Plan/Guide
    • Shop Base Pages
    • Shopping Cart and Order Checkout
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • Shipping Setup
    • Simple and Variable Product Setup
    • Product Categories and Attributes
    • Voucher Setup
    • Order Management
    • Website Migration (making your website Live!)

  • Included Extras

    • Project Timline
    • Progress Reports (Weekly)
    • E-Commerce Online Marketing Tips
    • SEO best practice
    • Content Plan / Guide
    • Content Writing Tips
    • Google Analytics Setup
    • WordPress Security

Please note: For the SEO and Content Writing sections we bring in specialists from different online marketing agencies to guide you through these hugely important topics.

Weekly tasks: We spread out the four training days across four weeks. This affords you time to test out new tools and functionality, and to get the required website content together ready for the following training day.

Even though we physically build the website in four days, some tasks (mainly around creating website content) will be given after every training day.

The content specialist will handle the topic of content writing on the first day, so you have the whole four weeks available to get your content together – whether you write it yourself, or hire a copywriter.

Training Outline


We go through the exciting phase of creating a website mockup. Basically planning the layout of the base pages of your website. It starts out with a simple pencil sketch where you draw out the header, navigation, main content area, side bar, footer and whatever you are planning to display on your website. After the sketch we create a digital wireframe based on the mockup.

The mockup and wireframe will be used throughout the design phase of the website. It is not a rigid document, but it serves as a guideline as to what your website will look like when complete.

Wordpress and WooCommerce Installation:

In this step we install our WordPress CMS and WooCommerce plugin, the platform on which the website will be built. The latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce will be downloaded and installed on your server.

  • Domain and Hosting setup.
  • Manual WordPress installation and configuration.
  • Manual WordPress installation and configuration.
  • Admin user setup.
Base theme installation:

The base theme is installed. This is not a rigid theme as it comes equipped with “Visual Composer”. The main purpose of this theme installation is to utilize it’s “frame” and should not be seen as a “template”. The customization starts as soon as the base setups are done. The mockup/wireframe will be used in this step.

  • Theme installation.
  • Theme configuration.
  • Theme Customization.
Base plugin installations:

The needed plugins are downloaded, installed, and configured. These plugins add features/functionality to your website and is a very important step.

  • Plugin search and selection.
  • Plugin installation.
  • Plugin configuration.
  • The following base plugins are installed:
    • Ultimate Coming Soon
    • Contact Form 7
    • SEO Yoast
    • Display Widgets
    • WP MigrateDB
    • Wordfence
UX(User Experience):

A lot of focus is put on user experience as it is a very important aspect of the web design process. Having a website means nothing if the user cannot navigate and find information quickly. We go through this topic in detail; from layout options, call to actions, content structure, spacing, load speeds, image sizes and more.


Getting content together for a website can be a difficult task if you are not a content writer. As you might know, content is the main aspect of a website, without content a website is nothing. An important section in the workshop handles the content creation or gathering process.

In order to get all he content for your website together we break it up into sections. Between sessions a content gathering task will be given in order to make sure the content is ready for the next session.

A content specialist will handle the topic of “content writing” on the first day, so 4 weeks are available for getting content together, section by section.

Pages and Posts:
  • Create posts and pages.
  • Manage posts and pages.
  • Add content using WYSIWYG.
  • Add media.
  • Page template selection.
  • Page Settings.
  • Reading settings.
Product Setup:
  • Virtual and Downloadable product setup.
  • Standard and Variable product type setup.
  • Inventory management.
  • Product normal and sales prine configuration.
  • Product archives.
  • Product bulk editing.
  • Product attributes and categories.
Order Management:
  • Order management.
  • Order notifications.
  • Order status configuration.
  • Order reports.
Shipping/Delivery Setup:
  • Delivery area configuration.
  • Shipping costs.
  • Shipping calculations setup(weight, height, area, quantity).
  • Shipping conditions.
Online Payment Setup:
  • Shipping options setup.
  • Payment gateway integration.(WooCommerce supported)
  • Account settings.
  • Payment Notifications.
Maintenance and Security:
  • Website security best practice.
  • Wordfence setup and configuration.
  • WordPress, Plugins and Theme Updates.
  • Backups.
  • How your hosting company can assist.

We focus on google analytics, setting up a google webmaster account, create sitemaps, set up google analytics account, install analytics. A brief overview of google analytics is done but to get more training on this subject we offer the SEO master class where you will be guided by a SEO professional as to how a website can outrank competitors.


  • Be able to install WordPress on a local or remote server.
  • Understand how WordPress as a CMS functions.
  • Understand how WooCommerce functions.
  • Learn how WordPress is used to build and manage websites.
  • Learn how to build custom pages and page layouts with “Visual Composer” within WordPress.
  • Be able to install and configure WordPress plugins.
  • Be able to add/manage website content and graphics.
  • Know how to add and configure different page elements.
  • Gain a good understanding of SEO and content writing. (Added Extra)
  • Understand how to make a WordPress website more secure. (Added Extra)
  • Build a fully functional  Wordpress website within the allocated hours.
  • Be able to migrate a website from a local to a remote server.
  • Be comfortable with managing and growing a WordPress website.
  • Be able to do the following within WooCommerce:
    • Cart and Checkout Page Setup.
    • Product Setups.
    • Shipping Configuration.
    • Inventory Management.
    • Order Management.
    • Setup order Notifications.
    • Online Payment Setup.
    • Voucher Setup and Management.

R11,000 7,700 (Special Offer)

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